What Is IndiHoops? Who We Are

The IndiHoops Story:

IndiHoops was launched in 2013 to bring club basketball all to one organized place.  Before IndiHoops.com there were not many club team websites, logos, social media empires and video marketing platforms for club basketball.  As a result,

one of the biggest weaknesses of youth AAU Basketball became the complete disorganization of information/transparency of it all.

Being in basketball my whole life from youth to college basketball, it wasn't until I hit my real first real AAU basketball tournament that my eyes opened to this brand new scene.

Instantly, and unquestionably, I could see flaws that the outside perspective talked about.  However, you could see something special and amazing forming that could be incredible.  IndiHoops.com aimed to help this movement forming and help bring it to the 21st century.

It is the aim of IndiHoops brings transparency and legitimacy to club (aau basketball) through rankings and reviews

Who Uses IndiHoops

  • Tournament Operators - These are the people that make it happen for us.  They do it all from organization of events , get the refs and courts and recruit the teams.  Post your events in our AAU Basketball Tournaments directory and upgrade to premium memberships.
  • Club Operators - The owners of the 5,000+ club teams across the United States.  Club operators can manage their team pages, update their rosters and find tournaments to play in.  They also can see where they are currently ranked from a national, regional and sometimes city perspective.  Gain
  • Parents - Come see the schedules and results of your games.   Check out our AAU Basketball Club directory.  Read interesting blogs about grassroots basketball culture.  Research different teams in your area and find showcases or camps for your child to sign up for.  Find a AAU Basketball Team to sign up for.
  • Players - Players can have their profiles added to their current team and see where their teams are ranked.  The capability also exists to verify and certify your son or daughter with a birth certificate upload.  They also can read blogs, and find events to sign up for.
  • The place to do this is now IndiLockers.com [Updated January, 2018]
  • Media - Media can post their blogs, their pictures and videos on our BLOGS page.  An amazing opportunity to post content to a huge audience.

The first step in using IndiHoops is to register a user name so that you can:

  1. Become a tournament operator member.
  2. Add a club team to our database.
  3. Joins our IndiHoops VIP Weekly Newsletter (Pop Up when you navigate IndiHoops.com)
  4. Will allow you to post comments on blogs or our RANKINGS
  5. Ability to add Blogs.
  6. Become a member at INDIU - Educational Programs.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback as a result of what we do, we would love to hear it:

Email: info@indihoops.com

IndiHoops Phone # - 858-375-7982



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