Player Enhancement Course

Coach Brian takes you through the journey and guides you to your ultimate goals, whether that be a professional, get a college scholarship or be successful in whatever endeavor your child wants to pursue in life.


How to Maximize Everything You Do
Interview – Getting an Ivy League Scholarship – The Path
Carving the Masterpiece of Your Game
A Tale of 2 Teams – How we beat a team of 4 Pac 12 players [How to Analyze Film]
How I would beat the Ball Brothers – Think Like a Chess Master
3 Most Common Defensive Mistakes
Simple Fix – Playing Open
Jim Jones Pro Trainer – Gives You All His Secrets $97 value training video
Get the BS out of Your Game – Interview
How Pros Use Crossovers vs. Amateurs
FIT – Our Buzzword and What it Means
Fundamentals Are Boring! But Not When you are Winning!
Live talk at camp from CEO.
Inside/Out CREDO
Calendar Series – September [Where Your Focus Should Be] * Coming Soon
Calendar Series – October [Where Your Focus Should Be] * Coming Soon
Calendar Series – November [Where Your Focus Should Be] * Coming Soon
Calendar Series – December [Where Your Focus Should Be] * Coming Soon
Podcast Series – My Interview with Power Digital
Podcast Series – My Interview with Lone Star Sports
Podcast Series – My Interview with Fadeaways and Fundamentals Part 1 and 2
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I wanted to give my full endorsement for Coach Brian. I have Coached for twenty-two years now at the professional, Collegiate, and Elite High School level. I can tell you that I am not a fan of most AAU travel ball and ultimately do not think it holds a high place in the development of our young basketball student athletes. I can tell you that I am a tremendous fan of The Brian and the way he not only teaches the game; but it is a true family for the patrons involved. They care about the kids, they invest their time and resources into giving people a better product.   The core values, work ethic and confidence that the coaching staff has instilled is monumental in his physical and mental preparation for the future. In closing I highly recommend Brian to kids who love the game and want to build in fundamentals with high character traits. It’s not for just anyone, it’s an opportunity to take your game to another level and to do it with integrity, team work and overall competitive desire!
Sincerely, Tim Cook – Head Coach Life Pacific College

Testimonial #2

It has helped with all aspects of basketball -fundamentals, footwork, mentality, leadership and most important TEAMWORK.  He remained dedicated to see all players succeed and prepared for the next level of competition.  Coach Brian runs San Diego’s classiest and most trusted program that not only brings out the best of who you are but also challenges the person you never thought you can be.

– Jaren N.

Testimonial #3

“I want to thank you for my son and cousin to come and workout with your team.  They learned valuable lessons.  The boys had fun and they ned more guys like you to get on these kids.  So thanks again.”  – Andre Miller – 15 Year NBA Player

Testimonial #4

Top Gun [Coach Brian] is one of if not the BEST youth basketball programs in San Diego. It’s hands on and will get you better as a person and a player.

Jaylen Hands – UCLA Commit – Top 25 National Player – Member of USA Basketball

Testimonial #5

Learning from Coach Brian was the right place for me.  He developed me physically and mentally to help me reach my full potential and put me on a path to reach my goals.

Reed Farley – 4.8 GPA, 34 ACT 2017 Harvard Sophomore Shooting Guard

Testimonial #6

I’m a big advocate and supporter of Coach Brian – He does things the right way and represent what’s right with youth basketball development.

Alan Stein – Pro Basketball Performance Coach former clients include Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant

Testimonial #7

“I feel you are a genuine person and great coach that’s been an intricate part in his basketball development in SD area. I’ll stay in touch.”

Nakia Cross – Son Nakial Cross is a top 2020 player in the country.

Testimonial #8

“My younger brother, Caden, actually played for Brian before me, and my dad does some work with the his program. My old AAU team broke up so I decided to go play with Coach [Brian] Hershman. It has been great, because Coach Hershman really cares about you getting better as a player. He invests so much time into his players, so he’s great to play for.”

Jordan Starr – Freshman at Master’s College

Testimonial #9

“Yeah, she really enjoyed your accelerator last week, the last 45 minutes of the clinic that is just for those kids who signed up for it.  I think she was motivated by some of the things you shared.”

Jennifer Esquivel

Testimonial #10

I would like thank Brian Hershman for helping to develop my son Justin as an athlete and a competitor.  He just received an offer from Columbia University!

Dwain Woodley
Chief, Juvenile Division
San Diego County District Attorney’s Office



“If your kid is ready to step their game up these accelator sessions are for you. My son Eldin has attended every one of these sessions with Coach Brian and the improvement in his basketball skills is tremendous. When we started Eldin couldn’t dream of making left handed layup and forget about scoring in the game. Not only that he can now make every left-handed layup in the game and under pressure but has become a constant threat on the court.
His speed, footwork, layup, jump shot, dribbling, post moves, aggressiveness, and above all confidence have jumped several levels over the last few months of these clinics.


This in turn has made him want to practice more and harder. Coach Brian is top notch. The drills are designed to get the best out of the kids, raise their skills gradually, and give them confidence.
And if you are concerned about cost, no way can you find any better value than these courses. Results you will see in your child will far surpass your expectations with the number of sessions you attend.”
– Nihad

$77.00 / year