Indi U - October Video


[Operate From Paper]

“If you can’t show me your goals on paper then I can guess your bank balance”

Goal of this program - We need to do things that people aren’t doing.  When you do what everyone is doing you by definition regress to the mean.

  • Action/Reaction - Retrain.


  • Golf Story
  • Da Vinci
  • Avatar of you at the end of this Year.  

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your club program.  

What are the qualities?



Awareness (Worth a Damn Factor)

Have A Better Team Around Them/Support

Is there someone you can reach out to ONE person this month to have a meaningful conversation that you trust with?  They will be added to your cabinet.

Your personal cabinet.  Like the president.

Outlook (October) Awareness of What’s Going On

  • HS - How is your fall preparation and program going?
  • MS - You still need to be hyper focused on individual development. MS - LEAGUES

Travel Ball Questions

Your coach should have a better idea of the tournament schedule and should have it generally formed now.  What is it?

What is your tournament and league/practice schedule?


Homework - Mikan Drill at least 1,000 makes

Reverse Mikan Drill at least 1,000 makes

Video: Jim Rohn - Success Leaves Clues this adds to mentorship

Bottom Line

Make war with a multitude of counselors

Visualization will be a secret to your career and your life

Operate from paper.


Continue to build your individual skill set.

Feedback and Awareness: If an enemy was forced to give you a compliment about your game what would they say?

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