IndiU Monthly Guide - SEPTEMBER



“You can’t reach a goal you don’t have.”

Goal of this program - separation worth a damn factor warm feeling at end wherever you go.

Who Is Most Qualified To Teach This?

  • coach K? Phil Jackson? Kobe Bryant?

  • coastal example top gun

Investor Mentality

  • we are betting on a filter/system
  • The good news is we’ve been using this bets and it works


If you want to be one you need to act like one.

Do things that other people aren’t

Read books, journal, get mentors, coach basketball.



Awareness (Worth a Damn Factor)

Have A Better Team Around Them/Support

Outlook (September) Awareness of What’s Going On

  • School Starts
  • HS - Welcome to HS - Showcase Season
  • MS - Ahead of the Game Here - Prepare for What’s Difficult When It’s Easy

Travel Ball Questions

What Team Are You On?

How good is your coach?

What is your tournament and league/practice schedule?

Have a 1 on 1 with your coach - have to do this in life.  Where do you fit what is his plan and goals for you?


Homework - Shoot 100 Free Throws - How many did you make.

FT - Underrated why? . Also works on your form.

Bottom Line

This character and awareness building makes you a better person and makes for a better basketball player.

KNOW YOURSELF.  What are you good at.  How are you going to specialize more at teh same time improve a weakness?  Write down the answer here and share.

Where will you be at the end of the month?

It’s Next Year at this same date.  Are you a 2.0 version of yourself?  Write down why and how. What happened?

Engage and participate.  It’s up to you to get the most out of this.  Not me. I already know this. Share with me your plan.

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