2021 Brent Walker BURSTS ONTO THE SCENE at Buckeye Prep Showcase
By: tachevskidejan 
March 21, 2016
Brent Walker 2021 Basketball - MSHTV


Brent Walker was not on the Ohio Basketball map before Rob Taylor's Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase.  After a day in Columbus he was considered one of Ohio's top 7th graders and a very serious contender for the best Class of 2021 prospect in the Midwest.  The 6'4 wing from Huber Heights showed a multitude of skills and raw athleticism that are not common place.

The Buckeye Prep scouting report heaped high praise on the young Ohio kid, "his name belongs among the best in the state.  Big, strong and explosive best describes his game.  Still developing a solid skill set; physically, Walker is among the best in his class."  After watching him play three games it was clear that Walker runs the floor very well for his size, has big time athleticism, and has good passing instincts.  Brent blocked and changed many shots on the defensive end and aggressively hit the glass.  Far from a finished product, Walker needs to improve using his off hand and keep developing his ball handling and shooting skills.

The big question is how Brent Walker was not a familiar name.  There are many players who are surrounded by hype and hoopla that they never live up to.  Walker came into the Buckeye Prep event without any notoriety.  Thanks to the national stage that Rob Taylor provided, that will soon change and Brent Walker will be a national name.



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