5 NBA Betting Tips That Even Pros Use
By: Brian 
July 12, 2022


5 NBA Betting Tips That Even Pros Use

The NBA is one of the US's top most popular sports associations. However, for some experts, it's also one of the easiest to predict that even a casual sports fan can predict the season's outcome. However, this difficulty in handicapping can turn into a double-edged sword.


Sure, you can handicap any game easily since the games can be predictable at most, but bookmakers can also be very close or spot on with their lines, leaving almost no room or time to strategize your bets. Still, the NBA is a huge money making endeavor for those who know how to navigate this landscape.


However, if you're new to NBA betting and are willing to learn and put some time into learning how NBA betting works, then we have some good news for you. In this article, we will talk about tips that many professional NBA bettors use widely today and have given them good yields so far. Let's start.

Bet Early

As mentioned earlier, bookmakers are often spot on with their lines, which gives us bettors almost no room to think about our bets. Not only that, but if it's an important game in the season, many people will start pouring in for the bets, which will change the line drastically, especially if something happens with the players.


One of the edges you can take advantage of in NBA betting is to bet early before the line changes. But as we all know, no one is perfect, and sometimes, even bookmakers make some mistakes with their lines, which is another reason for you to bet early to take advantage of those mistakes.

Bet According to Injuries and Scheduling

The NBA schedule can be hard for teams at times, and with dozens of games in just a single season, it's perfectly normal for a team to play for three consecutive nights. That said, this gives them a huge disadvantage because of fatigue. Of course, when you know that a team is fatigued in a game, the best action would be to bet against that team.


This is especially true if the team is away from home. Because they are away from home and playing games back-to-back, their performance will wane until they get rested. Some teams will even incur some injuries because of their fatigue. And regarding injuries, roster changes are constant because of injuries; sometimes, they even happen for nights in a row. That said, you should always plan your bets according to these factors.

Fade the Public

You often hear this term being thrown around to team-based sports, but what does it mean? Fading the public refers to the move of betting against the majority of the bets. While it's not always a recommended thing to do, sometimes, an opportunity comes where this is the right play.


When many bets start pouring in for a team, a reverse line movement will occur in the NBA odds. Of course, it's never a guarantee that you will win when a reverse line movement happens, but you can often see professional bettors doing this when that occurs.

Pay Attention to Underdog and Unders

This one is directly tied to fading the public, but the difference is that for this one, you should pay more attention to the teams rather than the lines. That said, there is a time when a favorite is often overvalued. This is common for nationally televised games where many audiences are expected to tune in. This is because most recreational bettors believe what the bookmakers publish.


That is to say that the Average Joe will most likely bet on the team that the bookmaker labels as the most likely team to win a game. For example, let's say that the Nets are a 7-point favorite for the matchup. However, once the tip-off happens, that number would most likely double-digits. That said, if you bet early on this matchup, you can take advantage of the underdog's value and not lose a ton of closing line value once the masses pour in.

Bankroll Management

Now, we know that this isn't exactly the sexiest topic in NBA betting, but this is one of the most important. We can go into two paragraphs to explain how you should properly manage your bankroll, but you need to know right now that without proper bankroll management, you wouldn't last a long time in NBA betting.


That said, by properly budgeting your bets and creating strategies to keep your bankroll last as much as possible, you can go on and make your bankroll even bigger than it is now.

Final Words

Although these tips are somewhat basic, many professional bettors use them as they are the foundation of their careers today. You can call them fundamentals if you want to, and if you master them, you'll surely be a professional one day. Just make sure to always go on logic and trust in your luck sometimes.




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