Basketball Skills Training. 5 Exercise to Improve Your Jumping Skills
By: Brian 
March 29, 2022

Basketball Skills Training. 5 Exercise to Improve Your Jumping Skills


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Basketball is one of the most popular sports played around the world. Not as popular as football, but it is slowly gaining more and more momentum. However, some countries have a rich history of playing basketball. They have national championships and a lot of teams that are part of it. If you are a basketball fan, you surely know about the NBA.


And you probably have some favorite players too. One of them might be James LeBron, one of the greatest basketball players of all time. If you want to become as good as him, you need to start training.


Any student who wants to be part of the college team and represent the university at a championship needs to train. Jumping is very important in basketball, so this might be the first thing to focus on. Here are 5 exercises to improve your jumping skills.


Single-Legged Crossed Jump


One of the most important things when playing basketball is to be able to jump vertically as high as you can. However, even though you might think that it is a matter of talent or height, this is not true. You can train to improve your jumping skills and a single-legged crossed jump is one of the exercises you can put to practice.


This is something you can practice during your games in Capstone league too. Students who play sports need to invest a lot of time into training. It is normal for these students to ask for help with their capstone project. You can get the best capstone writing service to write my capstone project. Whenever I need help with my capstone project, their exceptional writers help me achieve my academic goals. Like this, you will have more time to invest in improving your jumping skills and agility.


Cone Taps


Some might think that you can improve your jumping skills if you jump. Even though this is a good exercise indeed, it is not the only one that can help you improve your skills. The cone taps exercise is one of the best. It helps you train your explosive power and agility which will then help you jump higher. All you need is some cones in a training room. You need to sprint between the cones. The distance between them is chosen by you, so you can expand it when you feel comfortable.


Overhead Reaching Jump


Well, how better to train for playing basketball other than with overhead reaching jumps? Jumping vertically as high as you can turns out to be crucial in some moments of the game. For example, it is important to jump vertically to defend or catch passes. This exercise is boosting your reaching ability but also jumping skills.


Jump Squats


One classical exercise that is improving your jumping skills instantly is jump squats. All you need is to mimic the position of staying on a chair (without the chair, of course). Then, jump vertically in an explosive jump. Do this at least 10 times, but increase the number of repetitions as you gain more power. Challenging yourself to go beyond your limits is a nice thing, especially in sports. You will see the good benefits of training when you will play your next game. You do not only need to train your jumping skills, but also explosive power.


Uphill Sprints


Even though you might feel that uphill sprints are not for basketball, but other sports, you are wrong. Indeed, the uphill sprint is a popular exercise among athletes. It can help you build your endurance, something you will need when you will play games in the championship.


As a basketball player, you need to work on improving all your skills, not only those specific to your sport. All you need is to find a hill and then sprint to the peak. This is essential for your lower body strength, but also your power. You will need to sprint during games too, even though the basketball court might be smaller.


Final Thoughts


Looking for exercises and ideas to improve your jumping skills? Do you want to be the best player on the team? Do you want to take your team to the next level? Then you need to train hard. You need to improve your jumping skills, but also your endurance and body strength, and power. And these five exercises are perfect for boosting your physical skills. Just start practicing them.


Bio lines: Cameron Debenham is a basketball fan always watching NBA matches. He is a basketball enthusiast whose favorite team is the LA Lakers. Cameron loves writing about topics he loves, such as basketball, mental health, and productivity.


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