Battle 4 The West Coast is this Weekend in San Diego, HS 15u-17u
By: Daniel 
April 4, 2018

We are excited about the 1st Annual Battle for the West Coast this weekend!  This will be a great kickoff for teams to prepare for live period and see who's who.  Some of the top 15u-17u teams from Southern California and Tijuana, Mexico will be in attendance.


Battle of the West Coast Schedule

Director's contact info:  Charlie,  (760)525-1363


Updated 4/4/18

Clubs and Divisions listed below:

Gamepoint 15u Elite
Gamepoint 15u Select
Gamepoint 15u Black
Gamepoint 15u OC
Team Eleate 15u
And 1 15u
Valley Grapes
Coastal Supreme
Coastal Select
Gamepoint 15u White
San Ysidro 15u
Coastal Bulldogs
Socal Aztecs
Snaggletooth Select 15u
 Instituto Mexico


Gamepoint 16u Elite
Gamepoint 16u Select
Gamepoint 16u Black
Gamepoint 16u OC
Team Eleate 16u
And 1 16u
Valley Grapes
Coastal Elite Slayers
Coastal Supreme
6 Elite
The Future
Coastal Premier


Gamepoint 17u Elite
Gamepoint 17u Select
Gamepoint 17u Black
Gamepoint 17u White
Gamepoint 17u OC
Gamepoint 17u OC Select
Gamepoint 17u HA
Team Eleate 17u
Simi Valley Cagers
Coastal Premier
Southeast Warriors
San Diego Piranhas
The Future
Coastal Bulldogs



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