Checkin’ Up On Houston Defenders 2018 Players
By: Jake Weingarten 
September 3, 2017

Defenders: The Houston Defenders have been easily one of the best AAU teams around over the past few months. They've produced some D1 talent and have drawn tons of interest all over the AAU world.

Recently some of the Defender players have been going on visits to some of their possible colleges.

Here is the latest on the Houston Defenders:


Udeze recently announced his final five which was a list that included:

  • Butler
  • LSU
  • Ohio State
  • TCU
  • Wichita State

He took his official visit to Butler last weekend which was one of many official visits that he has coming up.

His next official visit will be on September 15th, he confirmed to Jake Weingarten of IndiHoops.


Kopp also recently announced his list, it included six schools:

  • Michigan
  • Butler
  • Texas A&M
  • Vanderbilt
  • GeorgeTown
  • Butler

Kopp was supposed to go on his official visit this weekend to Butler, but due to recent flooding in the Houston area it was reported that Kopp wasn't able to attend his visit to Butler.

Kopp's next visit is supposed to be a home visit with Northwestern on September 10th, then has a scheduled visit to the school on September 15-17.

PJ Byrd '18

Byrd recently announced he is committing on Sept.6:

Byrd didn't select a final list of schools but has had some official visits recently.

Byrd had his official visit to VCU last week, then was in Idaho for his official visit at Boise State this weekend.

He is committing this Wednesday, it will ultimately be between Boise State and VCU

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