Florida USSSA National Championships Recap with RESULTS and MEDIA

Created By: Jared Garcia

The Florida USSSA National Championships was a competitive event that featured both boys and girls divisions.

Let's recap the excitement from an exciting weekend in Orlando!


3rd/4th Grade Boys Division:

Team Mamba: 2-0

Nightrydas Elite: 2-0

Team Triad Hornets: 2-0

Elite Athletes United: 1-1

St. Cloud Kings: 1-1

Hoop Dreams of America: 1-1

KT Kings: 1-1

Dream Team: 1-1

Taylored Athletes Elite: 0-2

Remix: 0-2

P2 Ballers: 0-2

Runner-Up: Dream Team

Champions: Team Triad Hornets


Boys 5th Grade Division:

Jupiter Jaguars: 2-0

KT Kings: 2-0

South Florida Ascenders: 2-0

MC Heat: 2-0

Space Coast Select: 1-1

Boynton Heat: 1-1

Orlando Future Starz: 0-2

Statesville Sonics: 0-2

Skills First 2 Ballers: 0-2

Suwannee Splash: 0-2

Runner Up: KT Kings

Champions: South Florida Ascenders


Boys 6th Grade Division: 

Wellington Wolves Gold: 2-0

Holiday Hoops Finest: 2-0

TNBA South: 2-0

Garner Road Bulldogs: 1-1

863 TA Hornets: 1-1

Advanced Athletics: 1-1

Broward Storm: 0-2

MC Heat: 0-2

Taylored Athletes Elite: 0-2

Runner-Up: Wellington Wolves Gold

Champions: TNBA South


Boys 7th Grade Division: 

Team MAD: 2-0

NC Gaters Red: 2-0

Evolve Global: 2-0

Wolverine Basketball Club: 2-0

MC Heat: 1-1

Orlando Dream: 1-1

Reach Higher Kings: 0-2

Manhasset All-Stars: 0-2

Kt Kings: 0-2

Space Coast Select: 0-2

Runner-Up: Team MAD

Champions: Evolve Global


Boys 8th Grade Division: 

Florida Future Gold: 2-0

St. Cloud Kings: 2-0

Let it Fly: 2-0

Taylored Athletes All-Starz: 1-1

KT Kings: 1-1

MC Heat: 1-1

Lake Worth Pride: 1-1

DC Blue Devils: 1-1

305 Titans: 0-2

South Florida Steel Blue: 0-2

Charleston Strong: 0-2

Runner-Up: Lake Worth Pride

Champions: Taylored Athletes All-Starz


Boys 9th Grade Division: 

Orlando Orangemen: 2-0

Taylored Athletes Elite: 2-0

My Island Elite: 2-0

Boynton Heat: 1-1

Chobee Nation: 0-2

Team Pete Blue Rays: 0-2

Lake Worth Pride: 0-2

Runner-Up: Boynton Heat

Champions: My Island Elite


Boys 10th Grade Division: 

Dream Team: 3-0

Plantation Power: 2-1

Athletic Ambition: 2-1

Lake Worth Pride: 2-1

Team Pete Blue Rays: 1-2

Kendall Knights: 1-2

Charlotte Knights: 1-2

Delray Blazers: 0-3


High School Boys Division:

Chobee Nation: 2-0

Florida Press: 2-0

Rage: 2-0

Florida Eagles 11th: 1-1

Florida Eagles 12th: 1-1

Team KaCiago: 1-1

Balkman Elite: 0-2

Minnesota Chief: 0-2

Taylored Athletes Elite: 0-2

Runner-Up: Rage

Champions: Chobee Nation

Girls 5th and 6th Grade Division:

Beach City Basketball: 3-0

Scholastic Sports Team Impact: 1-1

Orlando Future Starz: 1-2

NSL: 1-2

PBG Starzz: 1-2

Runner-Up: PBG Starzz

Champions: Beach City Basketball


Girls 7th and 8th Division:

Central Florida Elite: 3-0

NSL: 2-1

Space Coast Fury: 1-1

Orangeburg Xpress: 1-2

Orangeburg Xpress 7th: 0-3

Runner Up: Orangeburg Xpress

Champions: Central Florida Elite


High School Girls Division: 

NSL 2018: 3-0

Space Coast Fury 10th: 2-1

Space Coast Fury 11th: 2-1

Florida Fierce: 2-1

NSL 2019: 1-2

PBG Starzz: 1-2

Future Starz: 1-2

Jacksonville Lady Sparks: 0-3

Runner-Up: Space Coast Fury 11th

Champions: Florida Fierce


Media from the USSSA National Championships 


















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