How to Train Like A Basketball Athlete at Home
By: Brian 
November 7, 2020

How to Train Like A Basketball Athlete at Home

Basketball is a sport that has more than ten physical and mental benefits. To enjoy these benefits, you need to work your way up beyond what you get through your regular team training. Let us explore some of the tips for basketball workout at home.

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Learn the basics
The training approach that basketball players take is different from that of football players.
Learning how to train for basketball is essential if you are just starting. Ensure that you shoot the same way every time, as you need to keep the same technique over and over again until you are perfect.

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Get out of your comfort zone

Professional and successful athletes are not people who train averagely. Some of the indicators you are comfortable in your position are when you note that you are not making any mistakes when you are dribbling. Try learning new skills, make a few mistakes but ensure that you are always progressing.

Take advantage of your wall

You can learn a lot when you dribble on the wall at your home gym or your house. It is one of
the best approaches to increase speed, hand strength, and ball-handling capabilities. Dribbling on the wall is also an awesome approach to ensure that you are challenged and motivated to keep going.  Take advantage of the tools you have in your home

A resistant band is an awesome tool that will help create endurance around your ankles. Loop a resistance band on your ankles and then assume a half-squat position with your feet apart. You can then take small steps to the front and the side as you jab with the ball in your hands.

Incorporate post-workout routines

Your muscles may feel and appear soar after a successful workout session. The post-workout
session is meant to improve shooting, footwork, mentality, and finishing. Such sessions are
meant to remove uncertainty, which creates more confidence and increases success.

Do alternating dumbbell press

It is one of the best exercises if you want to improve your back and shoulder stability. There is a vast number of articles on that topic out there. You will find a lot of information at Men’s Health or Muscle and Strength websites.

Lie on a bench and hold dumbbells outside your shoulders. Keep one arm straight, lower the
other one with a dumbbell, touch the outside of the shoulder, and then push back. You can
alternate hands and repeat the process ten times.

Try pull-ups

The routine helps create a stronger back as it creates full extension through the back, the lats, wrists, and the shoulders.

Hang on a bar with an overhand, pull your shoulder blades backwards to lift your body, and then pull your arms. You should return to a fully-extended position after each pull-up.
Front lunge pass under Hold the ball at your chest and stand with your feet together, as the starting position. You can then start step forward with your left foot and then lower into a lunge.

You can then pass the ball under your left thigh from the right side to the left while assuming the lunge position.

Be consistent

You can learn the basics but becoming perfect at something takes practice. You can create a
workout schedule that you can follow until you are perfect at the craft. Take advantage of the
free online tools that can help you develop a workout schedule that fits your needs.

Work on your mental health

Every workout session demands peace of mind for it to be effective. Read about mental health, learn meditation and master self-awareness. There should be no distractions as some workout tools such as dumbbells can cause injuries. Set some goals that you want to achieve at the end of the workout session and have a positive approach.


Enjoying a basketball workout at home is not that hard when you learn the basics, get out of your comfort zone, and train consistently.

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