IndiWorld2: ATX Knights vs. New York Dragons
By: Brian 
August 6, 2017

In the third place game at the 2017 Indi World Championships, the New York Dragons defeated the ATX Knights 52-50 in a great game. The Knights had a chance to tie or possibly win the game, holding the ball with just a few seconds left but a turnover cost them the game.

Jalen Hammonds led the Dragons with 20 points and six rebounds while Mazi Jackson also added 15 points.

Without KJ Adams, Noah Robledo had to pick up the slack for the Knights, scoring 24 points and 10 rebounds but it wasn’t enough as the Dragons pulled off an impressive comeback.

After falling behind 31-18 in the first half, the Dragons outscored the Knights by 15 in the second half for the win. Both teams shot under 50 percent from the field with the Knights shooting 40.4 percent and the Dragons shooting 32.1 percent.

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