Looking For An NFL Team? Why The Philadelphia Eagles Are The Ones For You
By: Brian 
June 8, 2023

Looking For An NFL Team? Why The Philadelphia Eagles Are The Ones For You


Has diving into the National Football League (NFL) realm interested you? Well, you aren’t alone! The NFL has always maintained a core fanbase, but there has been a steady incline in interest in the sport in recent years. As each year passes, NFL is gaining more recognition and interest across the globe – helping them become a major player in sports entertainment.


So, what’s the reason for the rising interest? The rising interest can be a result of multiple factors. However, social media has certainly been one of the main influential factors. A quick scroll on any social media platform, and you will see how many of the major football teams have maximized the power of social media. Many have used it to help build interest in the team and, subsequently, the sport.


As the interest in the NFL grows, new fans are unsure of which team they should be rooting for. Are you looking for an NFL team to support next season? If yes, consider supporting Philadelphia’s very own Eagles. Keep reading to find out why they could be the team for you.


Impressive History


Something that might amaze you about the Eagles is that they have been around since the 1930s! They were formed in 1933 and their first owner, Bert Bell, was a former NFL commissioner. It took them a while to get any success though, failing to win any championship in their first 18 seasons. It wouldn’t be until 1967 when head coach Dick Vermeil that their fortunes would change! He helped lead the Eagles to four playoff appearances in nine seasons, which is a very impressive feat!


After this period of time, they enjoyed mixed success, reaching the playoffs often and the Super Bowl in 2004, which was a great day out despite the loss. It wouldn’t be until Doug Pederson came in as head coach in 2016 that their fortunes would change forever.


Success On The Field


The success of the Eagles has been more recent, as coach Pederson led them to their first Super Bowl championship in 2018, after they defeated the New England Patriots. After they won their first Super Bowl, it wouldn’t be long until they reached another final in 2023. This game wasn’t as successful as 2018, as they controversially lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. This controversial loss hasn’t knocked their spirit, as they look to undergo a new campaign and reach the same levels of success. You could come in to follow them at the right time, as the vibes are good!


Love Of It’s Always Sunny


The Philadelphia Eagles have been more recognized in recent years due to the popular TV show ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’. We follow a few Philadelphia locals within the city who get up to all sorts of things. It’s best to watch and find out for yourself, we don’t want to ruin the surprise, especially with the cast!


There was even a whole episode dedicated to the 2018 Super Bowl, where the gang went on an adventure to the game. You should watch this episode, as it’s a great way to see what a road trip is like to a Super Bowl game, as well as just an NFL game in general. If you are attending an NFL game, you will want to think of things to keep you busy as you travel. To help keep you in the mood for the NFL game, try to do something sporty! You can play sports games on your phone and bet on NFL games to keep yourself busy. There are many slot games that are sport-specific which can keep you busy. There are many casino sites online, which is why you should read casino reviews before playing slot games on an online casino site just to ensure you are on the best site possible.


Strong Team Chemistry


Starting strong and maintaining a high level of skill are just some attributes that make the Eagles the extraordinary team they are. However, it is the remarkable chemistry that has formed this strong bond throughout the team. It is often said that teamwork makes the dream work, and that seems to be the case with the Eagles.


Following their Super Bowl performances, the Eagles have shown over the last few years that they are a solid team, one that is united to reach the playoffs and lift another Super Bowl at the end of the season. With a lack of ego, the team continues working together to skate closer to achieving this goal.


Ready For The Next Season


The latest NFL season is almost upon us, and it has certainly had its fair share of memorable moments. The 2023 Draft has recently been finished, and there are a few star players coming out of Alabama that will be ones to watch.


Fortunately, between now and the next season, you can spend your free time brushing up on your knowledge of football, the rules and what to expect going forward. You can watch the Eagles from home, or you can make the pilgrimage to Lincoln Financial Field, and catch a game in person.

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