MAYB Boys National Championships Recap

Created By: Jared Garcia

The MAYB National Championships took place August 3-5 in Wichita, Kansas. There were teams from all over the United States participating. The centralized location made it possible for the best teams in the U.S. to come together and play in the national championships. Here are the results from an action packed weekend


1st/2nd Grade Division

Runner Up: Chaos

Champion: Let it Fly

2nd Grade Division 

Runner Up: KC Blackout

Champion: Oklahoma Chaos


3rd Grade Division 

Runner Up: TMT

Champions: KC Rising Stars


4th Grade Division

Runner Up: Minnesota Spartans Elite

Champions: SEMO Blazers

5th Grade Division

Runner Up: KC Rising Stars

Champions: OKC Shield


6th Grade Division

Runner Up: Power Group D5 Elite

Champions: HHBC 2023


7th Grade Division 

Runner Up: St. Louis Knights

Champions: St. Louis Warriors


8th Grade Division

Runner Up: Power Group D5

Champions: KS Players


9th-10th Grade Division

Runner Up: KS Players

Champions: Boykins Basketball Academy


11th/12th Grade Division: 

Runner Up: Wichita Padres

Champions: Central Kansas Elite


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