NBA Players Who Love Playing Online Games Perhaps More Than Basketball
By: Brian 
June 29, 2022

Online gaming revenue is expected to reach $26.3 Billion by the end of 2022. Also, the industry is experiencing so much growth that many regard online gaming as the future of gaming.

With a whopping 65% of all gamers being online gamers, a large percentage of global gamers now spend so much time in online game sessions and casinos.

Of course, as surprising as it may seem, there are a lot of athletes out there who love playing online games. From soccer players to NBA players, and NFL players, more athletes have picked an interest in online gaming and casino gambling.

In this article, we will look at some professional players in the NBA and how they have earned a name for themselves in the online gaming industry.

Why NBA Players Now Love To Gamble And Play Online Games



Over the years, gambling has seen so many innovations, and more technologies keep emerging as time goes on. Undoubtedly, these technologies have made it easier for athletes to access online casinos. Many of these professional players are heavy gamers on online casino sites and other gaming platforms.

Today, one of the industries with the highest number of gamers is the basketball industry.

Due to the nature of the game, NBA players often travel for championship games and other events. Thus, it is quite difficult to seriously indulge in gambling practices and have enough time to play online games.

However, the advent of modern technologies has made online gaming easier, as players can enjoy online casino games anywhere from their mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Also, unlike in the past, there are now numerous EU casinos that accept UK players and other players from several countries. With these EU casinos, NBA players can freely access fun games online and gamble on the go without regional restrictions, as in some online casinos.

Basketball Players Who Love To Play Online Games

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard was the cover art for EA Sports' NBA Live 15. Though he was a basketballer, one of the primary reasons he had these affiliations was his heavy presence in the gaming industry.

Damian is a well-known Fight Night Series gamer who also publishes many videos displaying his passion for the gaming industry.

In addition to his overall work in the gaming industry, Damian also revealed in an interview that he made a few suggestions for the NBA Live game and spoke with EA developers about the possibility of a new Fight Night release.

Benjamin David Simmons

Though many NBA players play online games and casinos, Benjamin is one of the popular players.

Benjamin David Simmons is a professional NBA player from Australia, currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Despite being an elite basketballer, many people know Simmons as a popular Twitch Streamer, and he is popular for his Fortnite and PUBG streams.

Josh Hart

Despite being a very good NBA player, Josh Hart has earned a big name in online gaming. As of today, he is one of the most popular Fortnite players, and he even plays in the NBA with a customised set of Fortnite sneakers.

In addition, he is one of the few NBA stars to attend the Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament. Josh is no new name in the online gaming world, and many already regard him as a full-time Fortnite gamer.

Paul George

From Fortnite to NBA2K, Destiny 2, and other games, Paul George is a well-known player of numerous online games. Though a focused NBA player, George has a lot of businesses in the gaming sector. As a PlayStation fan, he is also in business with the game console giants.

Paul is one unique NBA player who often ranks himself as the best player in the NBA 2K series. So far, he has amassed so much fame in the Basketball and online gaming industry.


This article confirms that many NBA players love playing online games, perhaps even more than basketball. All NBA stars on this list are well-researched; thus, they all have deep histories in the online gaming industry and the online casino industry.

Without any doubt, athletes usually have little free time off from training, and as a result, they try to have as much fun as possible during their free time. While a host of other athletes may prefer partying during free time, others prefer gambling and playing online games.



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