San Diego Slayers- Indi World Championship Team Preview

Created By: Jared Garcia

Location: San Diego, CA

Coach: Jalen Lake (owned by LA Chargers WR Keenan Allen)

Key Players:

6'2 SG/SF Devyn Sanchez- An absolute scorer finding ways to score on any part part of the court. Will also guard your best offensive player.

PF Kai Jessie- Reminds opponents on offense of his shot blocking ability. Is a beast on the boards and shot well.

G Gabe Harrison- Gabe is a beast at finishing around the rim in traffic. He can shoot the ball well and strength is a big pat of his game.

PG Jason Oliveira-  Floor general that excels at getting his teammates open shots.

Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: @SanDiegoSlayers

Instagram: @SanDiegoSlayers

About San Diego Slayers (via Hardwood Insiders):

Coach Lake emphasizes how his organization develops student athletes, and not athlete students. Because of these principles, the San Diego Slayers hold their kids to high standards in all aspects of the players’ lives – in the classroom, the court, and at home; the outcome has been that the Slayer team boasts all honor roll students, with most of them having a 4.0 grade point average.

Interview with Coach Lake:

How did you first hear about the Indi World Championships?

I heard about the event from Brian Hershman

What excites you the most about playing in the Indi World Championships? 

What excites me most is knowing we will be representing San Diego and knowing our team will compete and do great in the event. Also it's an experience of a life time. Only a handful of kids get this opportunity as an 8th grader to be able to compete against so many teams across the country.

Who are some of your top players? 

In my honest opinion all of our players are top players. All will be on their varsity teams when high school starts. Our players that stand out are Devyn Sanchez, Diego Solis, Kai Jessie, Jason Oliveira, and Gabe Harrison.

What separates the Slayers from the rest of the AAU teams out there? 

Well first off we are a family oriented team and do so many activities off the court. Second off we don't allow our players to compete on other AAU programs, it's a very loyal group of kids. Thirdly these boys have made a name for themselves getting much respect as an independent team with out being an Under Armour, Adidas, or Nike team. They work very hard and put an unbelievable amount of work in and it shows.

The Slayers are owned by Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen. How important is it to the kids to receive support from a professional athlete? 

I strongly believe the boys are forever grateful for what Keenan has done for them because he created memories and a brotherly bond that the boys will hold onto forever. But having the support and him constantly staying on them about their education and letting them know without education and hard work on and off the court, you will not succeed. I feel that his life story to them and expressing what it took for him to make it to college and the NFL and the hard work he put in helps them a lot.

If you could describe the Slayers program and players in one word, what would it be? 







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