Nike GymRats Prez Day Recap – TEAM FOE defeats Team Teague in OT
By: Brian 
February 22, 2018

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This was my 3rd year in Portland, OR checking out some of the top middle school teams and talent in the nation, and my 2nd with the Nike GymRats organization.  Again, it never disappoints.  We even got a treat of some snow in Oregon but all the heat was in the gym (corny lol).

The championship game of the event ended up being the best and that is the best thing you can ask for.  Team FOE 2022 from Dallas, Texas ended up defeating Team Teague in OT on a buzzer beater floater by #12 Michael Nieman.  The game was sent to OT by a huge game tying 3 by Reggie Bass.

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Last year, Team FOE 2022 had one of the best teams event led by 2021 “Baby Shaq” and Arthur Kaluma.  Josh Woodson - director of Team FOE 2022 maintained that they were “new name/same game.”  They lost to Team Teague in the opening game of the event by 1.  Team Teague was led by Jalen Blackmon, a dead eye 3 point shooter from deep.  This year’s squad had a more balanced attack with depth, and a strong leader in Tayshawn at the 1.
A very STRONG heady PG that defends well and has a flare for key buckets when the team needs it.  He averaged 11.25 ppg in the event.  Markeitz wins the MVP averaging 11 ppg but more importantly, he hit 2 BIG 3’s that needed to answer Team Teague’s comeback late in the game.  All in all, a great measuring point for the rest of the 2022 teams including 20 teams in the #IndiWorld3 division, with one team traveling as far as Detroit (Detroit Select).
  • We got 135 IndiLockers in, and streamed most of the games.  Scouts have been on the site reviewing players and ranking them.  Check it out - - Gamechanging technology for youth basketball.
MVP’s of the event:
Tayshawn Comer - Team Teague
Markeitz Sykes  - Team FOE

Other Notable 2022 Players:

#33 - Aiden Maheney - 9/11 from the field in a BIG win vs Team Teague, showing that this kid likes the big stage and is deserving of national notice.  3 and1’s and controlled the game with assists, rebounds, steals you name it.
#0 - Samaje Morgan - Rose City Rebels - PG that lives in the paint, probably best passer in the event off penetration.  Great motor.


#22 - Caison Wallace - Team FOE - Great athlete in the top 5 in scoring averaged 12 ppg
#1 - Chris Burch - MVP Flight - Tons of UPSIDE - a top prospect to track - great defender as well.


#3 - Trajon Williams - Rose City Rebels - One of the top scorers in the event and did it from just about every angle imaginable.


Jadyn Marshall - Oakland Soldiers - Had an amazing game vs. Team Teague and almost ended up defeating them in bracket play.
#20 - Dylan Sanders - Give Sports - Great length and feel.  Prospect that will only get better.

#13 - Jeremiah Coleman - Give Sports - Helped lead team to a sleeper run to the semi's.


# 2 - Tyler Linhardt - 6'6 - Seattle Rotary - Ceiling is very high depending on how many more inches he will accrue.  Big body, great hands and feet.  Can shoot it and has great vision in the post.


#5 Matt Corrigan - Team Esface - Craft mid post game.  Nice touch.


#1 Isaiah Foster - Team FOE - High motor - attacker/slasher - good finisher.


Orlando Lovejoy - Detroit Select - Quick PG - Had a tournament high 26 points in one game.


High Octane Scorer Alert - Layton Smithson -  Idaho Hoop Dreams
Big Time Performance - Tyler Mausehund - Renegades - 23 points in a half including 4 3’s

Championship Full - Game.

The West 8th Grade #IndiWorld3 point systems - AAU Boys Basketball Rankings are updated.

RESULTS + IndiWorld3 Scores From This Event

Team FOE 2022 168
Team Teague 140.85
Flight Elite - Select 95
Give Sports 2022 80
Flight Elite - Black 80
Rose City Rebels 80
Team Esface 2022 64
Seattle Rotary Style 60
Oakland Soldiers 60
Chuck Hayes 53.33
Idaho Hoop Dreams (Black) 53.33
Beyond Ball 24K 26.67
Team Prep - Black 26.67
Renegades Basketball 26.67
Hoop Salem 26.67
Sacramento Soldiers-Navy 0
Portland Supreme 0
Inner City Basketball 0
Detroit Select 0
Go Hard Basketball 0

Next Event for the WEST - Region - The Final!

AAU Boys Basketball Tournaments - IndiWorld West Regional Final

It all leads to this...

AAU Boys Basketball - IndiWorld3



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