IndiWorld West Qualifier – Nov 4-5, Top Gun Basketball Fall Classic
By: Brian 
October 27, 2017

Top Gun Basketball is hosting the Top Gun Basketball's Fall Classic next weekend November 4-5, 2017.  It is the first West Qualifier for #IndiWorld3 kicks off with leader in San Diego Basketball and AAU Boys Basketball.

Last year, the MVP Zaon Collins from the champion Vegas Elite ended up duplicating that effort as the eventual MVP and champion of #IndiWorld2

The Top Gun Basketball hosted Zaon Collins at 2 events in San Diego last year...and the 2021 PG from Las Vegas took home both. A definite IndiWorld Hall of Famer.

The AAU Boys Basketball clubs that will be competing in the Top Gun Basketball Fall Classic - IndiWorld3 qualifier division:

San Diego Seal Team
Team Dream
RC Bulls
Las Vegas Punishers
Bluechip Nation (Arizona)
Los Angeles Blue Chips
California Bearcats
Coastal Elite

Tournament Notes - Top Gun Basketball - Fall Classic

  • Expecting 2 of the Top 25 from the 2022 players at this event.
  • -      DJ Dudley
    -      Skyy Clark
  • Top 10 2023 National player Mikey Williams will star for SD Seal Team.
  • We expect a sleeper team and player to emerge from this event.  *Qualifiers are "AAU Basketball Tournaments" that are within the IndiWorld championship circuit.  The IndiWorld is an 8th grade basketball rite of passage.   Each game has ranking and point system implication.  Players have a chance to improve their rankings and most importantly, a chance to compete in the eventual IndiWorld championship August 2-5.

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The next west qualifier after the Top Gun Basketball Fall Classic is the Cavs Holiday Classic - December 2,3.  The Cavs Holiday Classic has been around for 30 years!  It will take place in the Orange County, CA area in top facilities.  IndiHoops will be in the building as this tournament is always a big implication for who is the top 14u program in the west.

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Here is a list of the other clubs that are in the Top Gun Fall Classic in other divisions:

Hawk Hoops, SD Republic, Campus Basketball, SD Wolfpack, San Diego Soldiers, Redondo Beach Supreme, SD's Finest, Team San Diego, PCH, SD Rockets, Cali Live, i805 Future, Wolverines, Patriots, Eastlake Ducks, & SD Suns.

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