Twitter Reaction to the ZO2 Shoe Release

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ZO2 Reactions on Twitter

ZO2 Reactions on Twitter


On May 4, Big Baller Brand announced the release of the Lonzo Ball signature shoe ZO2.  This prompted plenty of ZO2 Reactions on twitter.  The hefty price tag of $495 prompted strong responses on Twitter. Here are some of the best reactions to the release of the ZO2 Reactions.

Here is a quote from Brett Hershman from an article on who also is a contributor to

Risky, But Possibly Lucrative - ZO2 Reactions

"It is an incredibly risky move, but this could be the start of a trend for athletes, who now due to social media can build a substantial following and brand long before they even make it to college. In an age of entrepreneurialism where it's never been easier to start and promote one's own brand, this could be just the beginning of a trend for future athletes."

The biggest question to you and your reaction...would you buy it or not?  How long do you think this brand will last and can he compete with the likes of Nike, Adidas or Under Armour?


  1. ZO2 Reaction #1


2. ZO2 Reaction #2


3. ZO2 Reaction #3


4. ZO2 Reaction #4


5. ZO2 Reaction #5


6. ZO2 Reaction #6

Consequently, time will tell how the shoe will do, however, one thing is for certain: the best thing that Lonzo Ball can do is play at a high level in the NBA, win championships and be a marketable player around the country.

*Featured photo courtesy of Houston Chronicle


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