DIRECTOR: Matt Brush
LOCATION: Gainesville, Florida

Matt Brush established the Thunderstruck program after his experience coaching a 6th grade travel team. During that experience he discovered how great a hurdle a lack of finances can be to a player's exposure and development over the summer. Brush then set out to bridge the gap between wealth and exposure by providing opportunities to low income players; all he asked in return was high performance in the classroom and great attitudes on and off the court. Today, the program showcases 10th through 4th grade teams and competes in tournaments around the country and has won a number of tournaments.

The fastest growing grassroots basketball program in the Southeastern United States. We are becoming one of Florida's top travel basketball programs. We surround our basketball talent with excellent coaches who have a positive impact not just on the court but off the court as well.

Club Head: Matt Bursh
Other Staff Members:
(Athletic Director)Willie Wimbley
(Coach)Terry Williams
(Bourd Member)Billy Donovan, Sr.
(Vice President)Vernnis Jenkins
(President/Founder)Matt Brush

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No Players have been added to this age group yet.
No Players have been added to this age group yet.