IndiWorld3 South Regional Qualifier – Feb 3-4 Taylored Athletes South Fl Bash
By: Brian 
February 1, 2018

Hey there,

* The IndiWorld3 - The World Championships for 8th Grade Basketball - The final date and location will be announced on February 3rd.

Club Basketball is starting to really kick off nationally.  We are proud to kick the South region off with a qualifier in the state of Florida.  The event is called the Taylored Athletes South FL Bash - Loacted in Boca Raton, Corral Springs.

South Florida Basketball Tournaments

You can view the event details with the schedule by clicking on the above image.

This tournament will put a focus on 7 South Florida Elite Basketball teams that will get them on the radar in the rankings and points system.  Games will also be lived streamed and put in front of our scouts on our brand new IndiLockers.  If you would like to become a scout - go to and hit the register button.

The clubs competing to win this qualifier:

Pool A

Delray Blazers
Chobee Nation
Breakers Basketball

Pool B

Cooper City Bulldogs
Palm Beach Bulls
Boca Hoops Select
SF Disciples


Stay tuned - IG - @IndiWorlds- Twitter @IndiWorld - Youtube @IndiHoops

The next south qualifier after this one takes a turn to Texas for the Alamo City Hoops #UPNEXTHOOPSFEST in San Antonio March 10-11th.

The South REGIONAL event final is in Atlanta, May 11-13th.  Click the image below for more info.

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