IndiWorld3 West Regional Final – This Weekend
By: Brian 
March 23, 2018

The West Regional Final is here - and the champion is going to get a bid and a free spot in the IndiWorld3 final:

The field is exclusive and tight - which will allow for some of the best coverage we have been able to do up until this date.

Our recap video from last year:

We are coming off a nice Spring Mayhem qualifier by LA Bobcats.

Congrats to champion:

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  • IndiHoops Western Regional Championship, March 24-25,2018
  • IndiHoops Battle for the West, April 6-8, 2018
  • IndiHoops Southern Regional Championship, May 11-13, 2018
  • San Diego Invitational, June 22-24, 2018
  • IndiWorld3 Final, June 28-July 1, 2018

Not to mention another chance to showcase and our brand new functions.

The games will be livestreamed here:

Follow IndiLockers the events for live stream of games, and if you want to be a scout - make sure to sign up for your scout account at - This tournament will also be tracking stats by our partner EPlay.

The AAU Basketball clubs that will be competing in the IndiWorld West Regional Final

#IndiWorld3 - World Division

LA Bluechips (Los Angeles, CA)
Just Us (Phoenix, AZ)
Las Vegas Aces (Las Vegas, NV)
Fresno Elite Force (Fresno, CA)
Gamepoint Basketball (San Diego, CA)

National Division

Cali Elite
San Diego Elite
Eastlake Duck
Team AON
Mt View BBALL Club
Gamepoint Select

Tournament Notes

* Gamepoint is one of the top teams in the west and is in the Top 25 nationally.  Devon Arlington was the MVP of the IndiWorld3 West Qualifier Fall Classic.  He will be on a mission this tournament.  Tough PG.
* Just Us Basketball club is one of the top teams in AZ and performed well in our JR HoopHall West Qualifier in AZ by Just4Hoopin.
* Fresno Elite Force is coming up a championship of one of our West Qualifiers the Cali Elite MLK event.
* Las Vegas Aces has their guys locked and loaded as well as LA Bluechips - veterans of our event at this point.

Champion and Runner up of the West Regional final will get top seeds in the IndiWorld3 final.

We have a new logo too...check it out.

IndiLockers - 8th Grade 14u Basketball Heaven


Gamepoint Basketball - IndiHoops

Stay tuned:

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IndiWorld3 Finals Events:
IndiWorld3 South Regional Final - May 11-13 - Atlanta, GA
IndiWorld3 - FINALE - June 28 - July 1 - Dallas, Texas

All teams from the qualifiers and regionals are invited to this and will be seeded according to their points and the divisions they are placed in will also be determined by qualifiers and regionals.
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Big time hoops going down in San Diego, CA this weekend see you soon,


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