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DIRECTOR: Patrick Gray

Empower LV is an organization that seeks to empower families within our community by providing services that are inaccessible for a large portion of our population. Empower was granted 501(c)(3) in June 2014. Since then, our efforts have been focused on program development and planning. Children and their families receive education about the body-mind connection and the importance of a holistic approach to well being. Children who benefit from any of our core programs are eligible to receive any and all of the services provided under Empower LV.

Nike GymRats Prez Day Recap – TEAM FOE defeats Team Teague in OT
We had a fun time live streaming and improving our coverage of events through our platform IndiLockers.com - We also added a ton of subscribers in the process - and if you don't want to miss potentially a game you are in or other 2022 teams on the path to IndiWorld3 final - we have
IndiWorld3 West Qualifier Nike Gymrats President’s Day Preview
The Nike Gymrats President's Day tournament is here in Portland, Oregon and we are fired up. This will be Year 2 of IndiHoops coverage and last year's Final 4 was INSANE. Seattle Rotary was the biggest revelation from the event, and ended up making a deep run at the IndiWorld2 final - almost winning the
New Mexico Dogs Basketball
Recap of Winter Challenge – 8th Grade Basketball IndiWorld3 West Qualifier
The Winter Challenge featured 9 top 2022 clubs in the west, but in the end it was the team that traveled the farthest - New Mexico Dogs that ran the gauntlet with a 5-0 run.  New Mexico Dogs on the 1st day defeated one of the toughest teams in the west, Real Run OC.  Real
Cavs Holiday Classic Recap – Premier Basketball Tournaments – 2017
Team Dream came into the event with a 26.67 IndiWorld3 and made a huge statement in the west by taking the West Qualifier put on by Cavs Holiday Classic and improving their IndiWorld3 score to 68.57 which will catapult them to #1 in the WEST. Team Dream featured DJ Dudley who won the MVP with
Jr HoopHall Classic West – IndiWorld3 West Qualifier
Next up in our IndiWorld Championship 8th grade basketball tournaments is the Jr HoopHall Classic West in Arizona.  We are excited to see some top teams we are familiar with, as well as some new class of 2022 teams wanting to burst on the scene at this event.  The Jr. Hoophall Classic is a part of
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